$750 (requires $200 minimum deposit)


Imagine celebrating your beautiful wedding or vow renewal by honoring the spiritual union of two souls, with our Eternal Unity Wedding or Vow Renewal Package. The Eternal Unity Ceremony is also the perfect opportunity to invite and include the children that will be joining the new family. It will emphasize the importance and unique qualities that each child brings to this new blended family unit.

The Eternal Unity Wedding Package includes two combined ceremonies – your choice of wedding ceremony or vow renewal script, AND added to that, the choice of one of our Eternal Unity ceremonies.

We offer THREE distinct and meaningful Unity ceremonies from which to choose:

1. The Hawaiian Sand Ceremony is the perfect complement to a beach wedding or vow renewal, and is our most popular unity ceremony. Bride and Groom scoop sand from beneath one another’s feet to symbolize their individuality, and then pour their sand together into a heart-shaped vessel to signify the intermingling of their two separate lives into one new unit, indivisible. The sand and heart-shaped vessel are yours to keep as a memento of your special day and a reminder that your two lives are now eternally one. If either or both of you bring children into the marriage, they can also be included and will have the opportunity to scoop sand from beneath the feet of the bride and groom and add it to the center container, representing that they too are eternally linked in this newly formed family.

2. The Rose Unity Ceremony is another beautiful, deeply meaningful and moving unity option. For centuries roses have been used as an unspoken love language. The single red rose means simply “I love you.” In the Rose Unity Ceremony, the Bride and Groom present one another with a single perfect rose. The officiant then encourages the couple to choose a place for roses in the home they will share. That way, when they face difficult times and can’t find the right words to express feelings like “I am hurting,” “I am sorry,” or “I forgive you,” they can leave a rose to remind their partner of how great their love still is for them, even in the midst of struggle. If the new family will be welcoming their children into the union, each child will also receive a rose from the bride and groom, reminding them that they are cherished members of the new family unit.


3. The Candle Unity Ceremony uses a pure flame to symbolize the unity of two lives. The bride and groom each light the other’s candle, and then the two use their candles, representative of their individuality, to light a larger pillar candle, representing the combining of their lives as one. Children who are to be a part of the couple’s household may also be included in this ceremony. This moving ceremony can be performed at any INDOOR location. (Outdoor weddings are not conducive to the lighting of unity candles, as our ever-present sea breezes extinguish the flames immediately. For OUTDOOR weddings or vow renewals, please choose either the Hawaiian Sand Unity or Rose Unity ceremony.)

The eternal unity ceremony you choose will be incorporated into the wedding ceremony of your choice.


  • A professional experienced Wedding Officiant, who will conduct your personalized, sincere, romantic wedding or vow renewal ceremony.

  • Our staff’s travel to your choice of wedding location within the Greater Daytona Beach area, which includes Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, Ponce Inlet, New Smyrna Beach, Port Orange and South Daytona (a travel charge may be added for locations more than 25 miles from our office).

  • Unlimited consultation with your wedding coordinator to help you plan the ceremony from start to finish.

  • Beautiful Wedding Music for your ceremony. You may choose from our exhaustive list of recorded music (traditional and nontraditional). We have a huge collection of classical, country, pop, rock, soul, R&B, and much more.

  • Your choice of Wedding or Vow Renewal Ceremony from our vast library of ceremony scripts (traditional, contemporary, Christian, poetic., etc.), which we will help you customize. You may incorporate your own vows or sentiments and readings as well.

  • Your option to add any soul-stirring wedding blessings, poems and prayers of your choice from our collection to make your ceremony truly unique.

  • The Eternal Unity Ceremony you choose – either the Hawaiian Sand, Rose or Candle Unity Ceremony, added to your wedding or vow renewal ceremony. We will provide the sand container, roses or candles for whichever unity ceremony you choose.

  • A keepsake Certificate of Marriage printed on bordered parchment with gold seal, suitable for framing.

  • Your wedding vows printed on parchment paper, suitable for framing.

  • The option to include any children of the couple in the ceremony.

  • The option to use one of our silk flower Bridal Bouquets (return after ceremony or purchase for $35).

  • The option to use one of our silk boutonnieres (return after ceremony or purchase for $5).

  • An unlimited number of guests. For beach weddings, if 50 or more people will be in attendance, including our staff of 2 and the couple, Beach Services requires a beach event permit ($100) as well as liability insurance ($100+). For less than 50 people total, no permit or insurance required.

  • Filing of your Florida marriage license with Clerk of Court for recording AFTER the wedding ceremony, by certified mail. Please note: the couple must obtain a FLORIDA marriage license themselves from any Clerk of Court in Florida in order to be married in Florida. You must present your license to us BEFORE the ceremony, along with both your photo ID’s for verification before we can proceed.

Our Deluxe Wedding Photography Package (at least 75 photos). This photography package includes photography of the wedding or vow renewal ceremony and a formal photo shoot immediately following the ceremony (an additional charge is necessary for shooting at a separate location or for reception photography).

Included in the Deluxe Photo Package…

One (1) fabulous slideshow DVD compatible with computer or DVD player, with your choice of music playing in the background. What a wonderful way to share your special day with family and friends!

Choose either print package A or B:
A) 28 prints – 3 8×10’s, 8 5×7’s, 8 3.5×5’s and 9 wallets, OR…
B) 20 prints – all 5×7’s.

A Wedding rehearsal at our office before your special day, or on-site immediately prior to your wedding or vow renewal. (On-site rehearsals on a different day or time require an extra fee.)

Eternal Unity Wedding or Vow Renewal Package – $750! A tasteful, elegant, unique wedding or vow renewal!

Check out our ADD-ONS page for wedding accessories and decorations that may be added a la carte to your package.